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Friday, December 30, 2011

Long Time No Blog

Life has been CRAZY since my last post. I'm in school and trying to keep up with that, DD has been approved for speech therapy, I have OB appointments, DH has crazy hours at work, I have crazy insomnia, I'm nesting and oh we are moving soon.....
:Lets break the craziness down shall we?

I have a final this week. Online school fits really well into my life but sometimes I wonder how much I'm really learning. Although since I have been studying the same things for 5 years [thank you stupid transfers] I guess I know more then the person who is only learning about it for the first time. I feel like there is a lot of over lap between the classes too. Currently I am taking a Lifespan Development class...well in the Early Development and Middle Development classes I'm clearly going to be studying the same stuff just more in depth I guess...anyways once I am done with this final I have a month off to deal with the move [more about that in a sec]. Trying to finish....getting there.

At DD's 18 month doctor's appointment DH and I had to fill out a survey about her. It asked things like, can she turn pages in a book, can she throw a ball, how many words does she know and a bunch more. Well based on what DH and I put down they felt she didn't know as many words as she should. He pediatrician said he would put in for a hearing test and a speech evaluation. Well hear test came back all clear and her evaluation came back saying she was behind [which DH kinda felt she was]. The evaluation shocked us to say the least. They said she should know 20-50 word....she knows like 8words. She DD goes to speech twice a week. We've only gone a few times but so far so good, she's been pretty good for them no major melt downs [knock on wood it stays that way]. They even gave us some signs to work on with her to help us communicate a little better. She's doing good with her signs, so we'll see where this all goes in the new year.

I get to see my OB a lot more often now. I really do love my OB, I'm so glad she was recommended to me back when I was pregnant with DD. Everyone in her office is just fantastic, from the receptionists to the nurses. She just keeps teasing us "are you ready, here comes number 2" and she always says hi to DD in the hall way as we walk by, even gives her a lollipop [which of course DD doesn't turn down]. We're getting closer and closer now

DH has crazy stupid hours since my last post...he went from being in a class that got out at noon every day, to being on 12s [working 11pm to 11am] over Christmas, to being off for a week to being on 12s again [7pm to 7am] now I know that is part of military life but I have a toddler [a loud toddler] and my husband is suppose to sleep all day....yea ok...poor DH is more like a zombie. Then after this set of 12s he'll work swings [3pm to 11pm] which I am totally ok with. We just need to figure out when he's going to ALS....and that will be a whole new schedule...my gut feeling is they will do it right on or after my due date. Oh well we'll see

Insomnia and nesting....typical while pregnant. DH came home from work the other day and I had rearranged everything on the kitchen counters in the middle of the night [he was shocked]. I've been crazy about the laundry basket [DH likes to throw his stuff on the floor normally I deal...not lately]. My house is still cluttered but I am working on it.

We move soon....CAN NOT FREAKING WAIT! DH talks to the housing office this coming week to get everything dealt with. We know what house we are getting [layout I wanted YAY] and we know that we will have keys no later then February 15th but I want to move NOW! I will update again when I know more about what is going on with all that.

Well that's pretty much it...Christmas is over I got NCIS season 7 and 8 and I only have 1 more episode to watch before I need something else to keep me entertained
DH also got me Sims 3 Pets [my insomnia is loving it] is addicting to say the least