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I'm an overly honest (and loud) person.
I know some may not agree with me but it's my blog, my thoughts and my views.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ribbon Wreath

In my Rag Wreath post I had mentioned that I found 2 wreaths that I really wanted to make. This is the other wreath I wanted to make. I found it really time consuming, but with DH gone it was a great project to do after DD went to bed and I had time to kill (while avoiding chores). I got the idea for the wreath from The Picky Apple. I did a few things differently then she did but the concept I got from her.

Supply list:
Foam Ring
2" Black Sating Ribbon (I needed a little over 2 rolls and each of my rolls was 4yds)
straight pins
lots of ribbon, I wish I could tell you what lots is, in The Picky Apple's blog she mentioned that she needed to go out and get more, well I bought too much, I bought over 300 yds of ribbon, if I were to make one again I'd start with 150 or 175 yards, I seemed to use about half of what I cut.
2 wooded blocks
sign/letters you want on the wreath (mine is a pre-made boo)
hot glue gun
LOTS of hot glue

and it begins....
Take a straight pin and pin the end of the ribbon on the inside of the ring and wrap the ribbon around. Hot glue it as you feel needed. This is what 4yds of black ribbon covered for me.

I know it's a little dark but this it the ring totally covered,  I also have the blocks with black ribbon (that I had from another project) and glued them on to the wreath, I have the yellow box around the block. I decided to put the blocks on first so I didnt have to worry about trying to fit them in later, I wanted to make sure they would stick really well. (Notice Heinzy on the floor, that's my boy)

Now begins the task of cutting the ribbon
here is everything I started with
I told you I bought over 300 yards

I cut a piece of cardboard width doesn't matter because the width will be the width of the ribbon, its the length that matters. My piece of cardboard was 6" long, this helped me keep the ribbon strips pretty dang close to each other

I wrapped the ribbon around the cardboard, just keep wrapping, but not to thick, I did about 1/2 the roll at a time.

Then slid the scissors in one of the loops

cut both loops and you'll cut a lot of stripes at once!

here is all my cut ribbon! over all I had 11 or 12 different patterns of ribbon

now the task of looping all the ribbon, you have 2 choices, sew them or glue them. I tried sewing a few and found it to be a pain and glued 99% of the loops.
To make the loops you want to put a dot of glue on the ribbon and then fold the ribbon in half but make sure to leave a 'tail' so you can glue it to the wreath later
You want them to look like this, where you place the glue will determine how big the loop is and how much of a 'tail' you will have to glue, you can always trim to make the 'tail' smaller later so keep that in mind

Here are all my loops! I just tossed them all in a box and mixed them all together as I went, isn't it pretty?

Here is what my wreath looked like about half way, I started at the top and worked my way around, as you can see I randomly placed a few around the wreath, you don't have to do this. I just pulled apart the 'tail' put hot glue in it and placed is on the wreath. You'll overlap the 'tails' the closer you bunch them the more loops you'll need for the wreath. Now if you have long 'tails' you may need to trim some which is fine, I trimmed some of mine. Its like a jigsaw puzzle just make it fit. Remember you can always add more later.

This is the side of the wreath, I layered them, so they wouldn't stick out. I started at the top and worked my way down so that the bottom ribbon would wrap under the wreath. Repeat this on the inside too.

this is what the back of the wreath, you can see how the ribbons from the outside and the inside and how the ribbons wrap to the back

Here is the wreath totally covered in ribbon

Then I glued the pre-made boo sign to the blocks. (the pre-made sign was only $5 and buying letters, paint and glitter like The Picky Apple did added up to more then that)

The I had to add ribbon to the back so that I could hang it up, I just used the left over 2'' black ribbon I used to cover the foam.
I glued the black ribbon into a loop then glued it to the wreath
but to make is extra sturdy I used 2 floral pins I had left from another project
here you can see the floral pins that I pushed trough the ribbons and into the foam, these are totally optional

I really enjoyed making this wreath, it was time consuming but fun, like I said it was a great project while DD was sleeping, I have a LOT of ribbon left so I might make another one since all I'd have to do this time is glue the loops on the wreath, guess we'll see.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life keeps going

Well DH has been gone about 2 weeks give or take a few days....it feels like FOREVERRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I was really hoping this deployment would go fast, I'm hoping once the holidays start up time will fly. I'm excited for Halloween, I'm thinking about ordering DD a bucket with her name on it, that way she has it for when she's really into Halloween. My parents will be here and I'm sure they will want to take her out (since they will be here) but she'll just be 18 months at Halloween so she doesn't really need all that candy, and she really does walk yet, I mean she walks but when you hold her hand to walk you are pretty much dragging her around, so I'm not sure I want to deal with getting her in and out of the stroller every house or carrying her all over the place, I don't know we'll see, it also depends on how cold it is, I mean she's 1 ya know?

DD and J sitting on the kitchen floor
My friend J came over last night, it was a much needed night!! She hasn't lived in the city for a few months. I've missed her. Last time I saw her was back at the end of May. Anyways, she finally had time to hang out, between her 3 jobs. So I met her at the gate we drove on base and she said "I'm hungry" I said well I have munchies above the stove, she grabbed the bag of cheese puffs, well DD saw J grab the bag. Now DD had grab a pot while I was trying to organize my shoe box of a kitchen, I honestly don't even know where the pot came from. She was walking around with it then J sat on the floor, well DD took that as an invitation so sit on her lap. DD was sticking her little hands into the cheese puffs bag, so J put some in the pot, DD just though that was so cool. Well then I slid a box over to J and said anything in here you want. I signed up for a military wife girt exchange and got a bunch of bubble bath, and lotions and a ton of what I call "stinky, smelly stuff".  While I'm very thankful for the gift, being pregnant my nose isn't normal and my skin is all kinds of crazy so I figured I'd off it to J, well J saw the chocolates. So she wanted to eat those, ok fine we'll split the box, I dont need all of it anyways. Plus I don't like nuts in my chocolate anyways. So of course she opens the box with DD on her lap. What does DD want? The chocolate!! So J is trying to give her chocolate while she's eating cheese puffs, my mommy side kicks in and I decided she needed a real dinner. So I made her some raviolis, but she still ate cheese puffs out of her pot. It made her happy so I went with it. 

Well I can hear DD on the twin bed time to get her, and maybe an afternoon snack is in order, maybe some cheese puffs in a pot?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthdays, Hormones and Deployments...OH MY!

my cookie cake
Well yesterday was my birthday, woo? Since DH is deployed it was just me, DD and the mutts (not very good company let me tell ya). I love my daughter, but she's 17 months old, she doesn't understand what birthdays are yet. All I wanted was to talk to DH, that's all I wanted, I don't think it's a huge request. He emailed me, it was so nice to wake up to an email that said "Happy Birthday Babydoll" I emailed him back with no response (not uncommon I know he's busy). All day I thought about getting to skype with him. I was so excited. Well he got on later then normal, and I found out that they were kicking him out of his room, well not only his room but the DORM! The National Guard is sending guys over and apparently the weekend warriors have to have rooms and the Active Duty guys are getting kicked into tents!! Don't get me wrong I know the National Guard is important but they don't work and deploy like my husband does. This is DH's second deployment of the year, he was already forced to move out of 1 room and now he got kicked into a tent....oh and to top it off he had to be out of the dorm no later then 7pm, well he woks at 6pm....so that meant we only got to talk for about 30mins because he had to go to bed early so he could get up early so he could move to a tent so the weekend whiners could have real rooms....I know it sounds like I'm being rude or whatever you think but when the Guard goes over there they only stay about a month. I know my hormones are making me cranky, I balled like a baby last night but it just sucks because they dont really get internet in the tents. DH spend over an hour trying to get online tonight, and it only stayed connected for 5 mins, I'm one unhappy preggo. 

What DD did to her room
Today DD PUSHED my buttons. She was playing in her room, like she does most days but today she decided that she would teach herself to climb up on the twin bed and then dump the 2 buckets of clothes that were on the twin bed. Now I know I need to take the buckets down stairs but I honesty didnt think she could get on the bed. the reason I went to to check on her was because I heard her playing with the blinds, that was the first hint that she was on the bed. I walked in and was not a happy mommy. I had to refold and repack all the clothes (which I then moved out of her room). Then I started picking up all the toys that she had thrown all over the floor. I also finally had enough energy to put the sheets back on the twin bed. That may sound really lame but that day bed is a pain! I had to lift the mattress and all that good stuff, well DD felt the need to help. I really though she was gonna get squished by the mattress because she just didn't want to get out of the way. Then I'd get 2 corners of the fitted sheet on and she'd start pulling the sheet off, really? Gee thanks DD. So finally got the bed made and DD crawled up there again, she thought the pillow was just so much fun to play with. Then she wanted to unfold the blanket that was folded at the end of the bed. Oh daughter, how you test me.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fill in Friday

  1. My favorite thing that happened this week was I got to hear my baby's heart beat.
  2. Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have a penny in your pocket that you will probably put through the wash haha.
  3. Autumn is officially here and my favorite part of the season is the cooler weather! and the pretty leaves.
  4. One of the things I'd like to do before winter arrives is bribe someone to fill in the holes in my backyard...I wonder is beer is still the bribery of choice at the shop?.
  5. I would be willing to participate in MilSpouse Secret Santa. I love getting mail!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween Rag Wreath

So I have been looking at different craft blogs over the last few days and I got bit by the craft bug. I love to craft, but between DD, Deployments, school, and life, I just haven't had time. I use to be a crazy scrapbooker, I miss it and need to get back into, but really need the space for it...anyways back to the wreath. I found a bunch of different wreath ideas through different blogs and feel in love with 2 different ones, I made one tonight.

I've been wanting to make a rag wreath for a while, here is how I made my Halloween rag wreath.
I picked 5 different fabrics (in hind sight I picked too many fabrics with too much black).
I got a 1/2 yard of each fabric and I picked up a wire wreath frame.
I cut the fabric into 1 inch by 5 inch strips (I wasn't exact in my measurements, I marked with a sharpie every inch but that was about it, I folded the whole piece in half, then in half again, and cut on the sharpie marks, then cut the folds, made cutting easier [if that makes sense])

I started on the inside and worked my way out, I took the 5 fabrics and just went in a pattern.

I sat on the couch with piles all around me and just knotted them to the frame, took me a while but I watched TV while doing it, my back hurts but I'm blaming the pregnancy for that (thanks bagel bite!)
Here is the finished wreath (well finished with the knotting anyways)

I also bought a bag of wooden blocks (8 for $2.99) at the craft store and used some extra fabric stripes to cover it, so if you could see it the block would blend in.

I bought a little pre-made sign ($0.79) and glued it to the block that I covered with fabric.
Then I glued the block to the wreath. I pulled apart the strips as much as possible so I could glue it closer to the frame.

Here is the completed wreath on my front door
I wish the prints on the fabric were more visible, the Halloween selection at the store I went to was mostly black based, but over all I'm happy with my first attempt at a rag wreath

Because of the sales that we're going on at the craft store this wreath cost me about $25

Here is where I found the inspiration for this wreath
I tweaked it a bit and made it my own though

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ready For Bed

So I got like nothing done today. I ran my dishwasher 4 times, you might think that's good but it was the same freaking load all 4 times because the stupid little soap tab wouldn't dissolve! I desperately need to do laundry, but DD didn't let me leave her side all day. I think she's realizing that daddy is gone and doesn't want mommy to leave too. DD is at an age where she knows but doesn't understand whats going on around her. She also cant verbalize what she is feeling, so yelling and screaming at me seems to be her way of dealing with everything. A girl was suppose to stop by and get a warmer today, I sat around all day waiting on her, I had places I wanted to get to...this freaking girl FORGOT about coming over, I wasting my whole day waiting on her only to find out she freaking forgot! Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to, should be interesting. Then after the shower I'm going to try and get to the craft store finally. I've been feeling crafty and need to scratch the itch so to speak.
I hardly got to talk to DH today (sad face) he said there was a briefing that didn't start on time so he got out of work way late. Although a few minuets of talking to him is better then nothing. Ok little picking up then off to bed so I can get up early and get a few things done before the baby shower...that girl better show up and get her warmer....

Fill in Friday

  1. Right now, our weather is in the high 50s and its sunny, fall is actually starting to settle in, but what I'd really like is 75 and sunny, and NO humidity
  2. I like to let my hair down and sing silly song to DD and dance around the house to make her smile
  3. Mommy Rambles made a post about heroes... my hero is  my husband, because, he walks out that door every day (99% of the time with no complaints) because he love his job, he deploys with little to no whining when the time comes to get on that plane he reminds me he signed up for this job and that he'll be back soon.
  4. It's a weird combination, but I swear tortilla chips and ketchup are a perfect pair! (and man do I crave it lately!)
  5. Some may see the glass half empty and others may see it half full, but I  never look at it that way really, I am the what if queen so some may say I'm a glass 1/2 empty person but I just like trying to see all the possibility.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Deployment Playlist

These are all the songs that I have on my iTunes that help me with deployment, some are about distance, others are about love and some have nothing today with love or distance they just put a smile on my face when I really need it. I'm not scared to admit that I have these songs on my iTunes. I'm not ashamed to admit that I listen to them, give them a chance before you judge who the artist is. I listen to a lot of Country and I'm sure you'll pick up on that but I listen to a little of everything, so don't be shocked by this list. Some songs will be well know and others may be new to you, but I ask you to be open minded when it comes to these songs, you never know what might strike a cord with you or even bring tears to your eyes.

I will put the artist first and list them in red, I will also them it in alphabetical order.

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
Al Green - Lean On Me
Alan Jackson - When the World Stopped Turning
Aly & AJ - Chemicals React
Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabe What I've Been Looking For
Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone
Becca Rae Greene - Wherever You Are (Morgan's Song)
Becca Rae GreeneStrength
Becca Rae Greene - Seattle
Beyonce ft Jay-Z - Crazy In Love
Big and Rich ft Gretchen Wilson and Cowboy Troy - Our America
Billy Ray Cyrus - Ready, Set, Don't Go
Billy Ray Cyrus - The Beginning
Billy Ray Cyrus - Don't Give Up On Me
Billy Ray Cyrus - You've Got A Friend
Billy Ray Cyrus - Can't live Without Your Love
Billy Ray Cyrus - My Everything
Billy Ray Cyrus - Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Billy Ray Cyrus - Missing You
Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
Black Eyed Peas ft Justin Timberlake- Where Is The Love?
Blink 182 - I Miss You
Brad Paisley - American Saturday Night
Brad Paisley - Water 
Brad Paisley - Then
Brad Paisley - I Hope It's Me
Brad Paisley - Waiting On A Woman
Brad Paisley - Cooler Online
Carolina Rain - I Ain't Scared
Carolina Rain - All Before The Sun Goes Down
Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take The Wheel

This is a GROWING list, so check back from time to time and see what I've add, also feel free to leave your suggestions in comments I'm always looking for new songs to add to my play list

Good Morning Deployment

Well it's morning 1 without hubby, I didn't sleep well last night. I was too worried about how his flight was, if he got there, if he was still flying, part of me was hoping that he'd call. I know its weird to hope he'd call the first night, but I miss him so much. Well this morning I was woken up by a phone call, it was him!! He called me from over there to tell me he made it safely. It was a great surprise :) He told me the internet over there was working and that he'd get on when he could since he had a briefing in a few hours and had time to kill. So he got on skype (just typing no video or voice) well because I didn't sleep well I fell asleep on him :( I feel really bad but at least I know he made it over there. He told me what shift he's working and its the shift I wanted him on (YAY!!!) I'm really thankful that DD is a good sleeper!! Well I'm going to try and get some stuff accomplished today, so I guess I better get off the couch.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deployment 2011 Part 2

Well folks he left. Stupid, stinking, high deployment rate. Our base has a really high deployment rate, as in it's really rare for people to be home more then 8 months, for people to stay home longer then that means there is normally something big going on in their lives. DH got home in June and is already gone, he was pretty much home long enough to get me pregnant (at least that how it feels). I have to say that this morning I was not expecting all the helpful offers I received when I took DH into work to catch the bus. More high ups then I can count said "If you need anything don't hesitate to call, actually if you don't call you'll be in trouble". Another said "If something goes wrong with your pregnancy we'll get him home, you have my word", I was floored! Really an offer to get him home if I truly need him? I mean this is his 4th deployment since we got married and his 5th over all, so I'm pretty use to dealing with the ins and outs of life without him (sucks but true). For them to tell me that made me feel even better about him leaving. I was borderline pre-eclampsia with DD and once you have had pre-e you are more likely to get it again, now I was 37 weeks with DD when they said I became borderline pre-e so in my mind that's pretty good. DH made it home in time for DD (only by 48 hours but home is home right?). I plan on talking to my doctor next week about my chances with pre-e and how worried about it I should be about it happening during this pregnancy. I plan on keep DH's shop as informed as I feel they need to be but knowing that if pre-e pops up again and it's REALLY bad or if there is some other emergency, I could have DH home with in a week (maybe less!). On a day that could have been totally awful, DH's higher ups really made me feel better. I was able to hang out with DH for 2 1/2 hours before he left, I took him to work. He said I could hang out in the "waiting room" until the bus showed up. When the bus got there I got all teary eyed thinking it would be the last time I got to see him in the flesh, smell his deodorant (when I'm not using it haha), touch him, feel him. Well then someone said "oh you can come to 2090" woo!  more hubby time! So I put DD in the jeep and drove down the street to the other building, there DH was given all his paperwork but we got more time and that's what really matters. One last kiss, one last hug, one last family moment until the new year.

I'm back, Round 2

Well DH came home in June and I got really bad about using my blog.
So lets update:
DH is deploying AGAIN, yes AGAIN this year
DD is a little energy ball, she never stops moving! Thank God for naps because mommy need down time too!
I'm pregnant with #2! We are really excited, that is why DH deployed again, we wanted him home in plenty of time for baby #2.
I think that's all the big stuff that's happened so far, we are moving to a bigger house sometime when DH gets home from deployment and before the baby is born but the timeline for that is still fuzzy because we aren't sure of a come home date

I'll post again late tonight but DD is getting cranky, I think it's nap time, which means relaxing time for mommy!