My words are my own. I may vent and offend some but I say what I feel.
I'm an overly honest (and loud) person.
I know some may not agree with me but it's my blog, my thoughts and my views.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ride the Roller Coaster

It's been an emotional few day, upside I got to order girl scout cookies
This pretty much sums up my day (and the whole deployment)

365 Project
February 7, 2011

February 8, 2011
Heinz wanted to hold the floor down

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Emotions are running high

I have been crazy emotional since DH left. This is the first time he's been away from me and DD for more than a week. It just royally sucks. I know, I know, I'm no the first military wife to have to deal with a deployment and I know I'm not the first military mom who has to raise their child without daddy...but man it SUCKS. I don't know why it bothers me so much more this time around, but it just does. This is his 4th deployment in 4 years!! I should be "use to it" by now and in some ways I am, like the empty bed (which I fill with the dogs) and the making just dinner for me, and the alone time...but raise our daughter alone is totally new. I married my husband, but he's married to his job. I love my husband more than the stars in the sky, but every once in a while I hate his job.

Alright on a happier note I need to play catch up on 365

365 Project
February 1, 2011
Nebby being a ding dong and sitting in the play pen again, they just started at each other for a while

February 2, 2011
DD tried cubed carrots tonight! she loves feeding herself!

February 3, 2011
Heinz loves waiting to see what goodies DD will will leave for him, it was scrambled eggs!

February 4, 2011
DD was sleepy and pouting

February 5, 2011
You'd never know it was 5:15am!! 

February 6, 2011
We starting the love of football young!! We are Steelers fans and while they didnt win the Super Bowl today they tried their hardest....isn't my little girl too cute for words!!! TOUCH DOWN haha

Very blah!

My life has become very blah! My mother-in-law bought me a car new key (thank you mommy-in-law). So now I can go place which is nice, I went and got DD some baby friendly food (big adventure I know). I haven't be able to talk to DH for a few day and it's really getting to me emotionally. I got an email yesterday from his and I cried. While I'm happy I got an email it was only a sentence and it didnt really help me feel better (other than knowing he's ok). Tonight I was taking a bath and was listening to music and Mr. Mom by Lonestar came on...oh man I lost it. Now my husband is by no means a Mr. Mom since he works and I don't but he is just such an amazing dad and I'm still not use to him being away from me and DD. While this is his 4 deployment in 4 years! and we have been apart before this time is just totally new. I HATE HATE HATE that he is missing out on the little things. Like tonight DD had ravioli for the first time and she loved it!! To some it's just dinner to me it's DH missing out on DD's first.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Guess it's a Pittsburgh thing

So the Super Bowl is Sunday!! My team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, is going!!!
Well I shared a video with a friend who is a Green Bay Packers fan.
Well Pittsburgh fans will tell you that the Steelers are picked on, my friend said that we deserved what we got.
I don't think I anyone deserves to be picked on, and honestly we are picked on. People hate when the Steelers do good and and love when the Steelers do bad. She said that the Steelers are rank justed like every team is and there are teams the same, worse and better. I jokingly said well 6 rings disagree with you...she totally changed her attitude towards our conversation. I don't know I just need to vent. I love my Steelers and I love my friends. But I am DAMN proud that my team is the only team to have earned 6 Super Bowl rings. We have gone to the Super Bowl 7 times and won 6 times thats a pretty dang good record. I didnt means to upset my friend, and I'm sorry she took what I said the wrong way. 

Just needed to vent