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Monday, May 2, 2011

Update on life

DD turned 1!! I can't believe that she is 1!
I didn't spend the whole day crying (yes).
DH called while the whole family was together
(my parents, his parents and siblings) so we put DH on speaker and sang Happy Birthday to DD.
I am so glad he was able to call, I was worried that DD wouldn't get to hear DH's voice on her birthday. I know you cant control deployments and phone calls but I'm so glad he at least got to be on the phone while we sang to DD for the very 1st time!
 Clean up crew!
DD was covered in cake and I didnt want it on my clothes, so I put on a poncho!
Sexy right?!
My sister (in law) was dying, she thought it was hilarious.
But come on, it was a good idea! I didnt want to be washing cake out of my clothes!
Presents for DD from my in laws :)

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  1. A huge happy birthday to your gorgeous 1 year old. Love the photo in the high chair!

    CJ xx