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Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh where has the week gone? Day 6 of 2012 is almost over. DH is still at work, so I'm just watching TV waiting on him to get home, the last hour always seems to drag on. This has been a busy week. DD went to speech on Tuesday, when she came out her therapist informed me that she made a chicken nose, umm ok? I have never heard DD make a chicken noise. Her therapist said that she saw a picture of a chicken and said "bock bock".  Today at therapy she said "shhh" and then made snoring sounds like she was sleeping. She amazes me, she really does. I have never said bock bock to her for a chicken, we always say "cluck cluck" and I have never made snoring noises to her either, where on earth is she learning this stuff. She really is a sponge. On Wednesday I had an OB appointment, I went ALONE....it was AMAZING! I didn't have to pack up DD and drag her into the office and hope and pray that she would be a good girl [normally she is but toddlers will be toddlers]. Doc says everything is on track, baby is moving like CRAZY which is good, but why must the most movement happen when I'm about to go to bed? Oh well. After my OB appointment I went to Goodwill just to look. DH and I have been trying to find a dresser for Bagel Bite's room once we get to the new house. We found one for $20 from one of DH's co-workers but we really needed another one. We wanted something sturdy but didn't really want to drop $100 either [couldn't really afford that]. Well Goodwill paid off!! $38 REAL WOOD dresser, almost perfect condition. I'll sand it down and paint it once we make a final decision about what we want in the baby's room. I'm so glad I was able to find a GOOD dresser that will last for a while that didn't break the bank. Thursday my friend J came over and we hard core cleaned the living room and dining room. It looks fantastic, I am so thankful I have a friend that just walks in and cleans. She really helped me out, while this pregnancy hasn't been that bad to me I have had my share of issues and the house has kinda fallen apart a little. On Monday she even helped DH and I organize the basement [that was Monday though]. It's been an eventful but good week, lots got done in the house and DD really surprised me with the things that come out of her mouth. What a week! Oh and tonight I tried a new recipe for frozen quiche, I'll post more about that later though. 

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