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Friday, February 4, 2011

Guess it's a Pittsburgh thing

So the Super Bowl is Sunday!! My team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, is going!!!
Well I shared a video with a friend who is a Green Bay Packers fan.
Well Pittsburgh fans will tell you that the Steelers are picked on, my friend said that we deserved what we got.
I don't think I anyone deserves to be picked on, and honestly we are picked on. People hate when the Steelers do good and and love when the Steelers do bad. She said that the Steelers are rank justed like every team is and there are teams the same, worse and better. I jokingly said well 6 rings disagree with you...she totally changed her attitude towards our conversation. I don't know I just need to vent. I love my Steelers and I love my friends. But I am DAMN proud that my team is the only team to have earned 6 Super Bowl rings. We have gone to the Super Bowl 7 times and won 6 times thats a pretty dang good record. I didnt means to upset my friend, and I'm sorry she took what I said the wrong way. 

Just needed to vent

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