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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 1

Well I'm starting a blog. I normally have a lot to say so why not just write it down? My daughter is currently sleeping and the hubby is at work so I have some time to bs. I'm 22 (almost 23 and that's a little scary!) I'm still in school because my life happened out of order but I would never change that. I met my husband in July of 2006, we got married in July of 2008 and our daughter was her daddy's welcome home from deployment present in April 2010.

School is driving me nuts and I can't wait to take a break! I have 3 weeks left!! Then I have a break until January, which will be nice. I tried the visiting family and doing homework bit in July and it didn't go well. I never get to see my family. Hubby is military and we live in Spokane, Washington while our families live in Pittsburgh, PA. I didn't get much homework done while I was visiting. We are going back to visit for a month in the last fall so I figured I don't need to stress myself out anymore.I already hate packing, and then have to worry about 3 different airports with a baby, although this trip in the fall will be much less stressful since my hubby will be with me (in July it was just my and the baby...crazy!!) I have homework that I should be doing but I have a gut feeling that once I start my darling daughter will wake up and want attention, thats my life, without fail I sit down to eat and she wants attention....but it's hard to be mad at her, she is just so flipping cute!!

Time to do laundry and other chores....bleck...I really hate dusting anyone want to do that one for me?!

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