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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a day!

First...what the heck Similac! Beetles in my daughters formula?! And NOT informing the places your product is sold!! So I found out about the recall on Babycenter Community. I went to the Similac website and sure enough I had 2 recalled tubs. The tubs...not the containers...I have 2 24oz tubs!! I had 48oz of non-usable powdered formula....fan-freaking-tastic! On the website it said to take the back to the store or contact the company and get a refund in 4-6 weeks! 4-6 WEEKS?! My kiddo is a chunker, I need it now! So I took my tubs to Walmart and they know NOTHING about the recall...good job! I called and told them I had tubs that has been recalled "oh no problem bring them in" so I did! Well the manager I spoke to said "I dont have proof so you can't return them" Walmart didn't have in their system that the formula was recalled! So I'm standing there pulling up on my iPhone the Similac website to prove to them that I wasn't lying! So I pull up the website and the guy looks at it and then tells me "maybe you should find what you are talking about" WHAT!? IT SAYS POWDERED FORMULA RECALL! So after more arguing with him he finally lets me turn in the powdered formula and get liquid....UGG!!

Second my poor daughter has the butt rash from hell! It was bleeding this morning!! She has been red for a few days and I have been putting cream on it to help her but this morning it was BLEEDING! my poor baby.

so between the formula and the rash I made her a dr's appointment for the morning to talk to them about it, she has also been having bad diarrhea, and spitting up...NOT like her!

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