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Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Monday

Oh Monday, normally I dread you, but so far today hasn't been all that bad. My friend J did me a huge favor and sat in my [ messy ] house with DD while I went to the bank to deposit a ton of checks [not a normal errand for me but I'll explain in a minuet], I was able to go to the Airman Family Readiness Center and use their printers [score!] and then FINALLY got to the post office to mail the ribbon wreath to my friend D and Scentsy party supplies to my friend K in England. Now if I would have had to take DD it would have taken me 2 hours [I'm guessing] to get this all done. 
I had a Scentsy party this past Saturday and got paid by check for all but 1 order. This is not normal for me but I'm not complaining, so I had to go to the bank today to get them all deposited so I can get the party ordered. When I took DD to the bank the other day it was a NIGHTMARE! My mom just said "payback"...Thanks mom... She didn't want to be held but I can't really let her run around the bank. The one teller was having problems, I could hear her on the phone saying "I know I just called but the other numbers you gave me weren't working and I need to figure this out" so she had to deal with that, the other teller was dealing with a guy who had a really big envelope full of stuff that he needed to take care of so I was left to wait, finally a 3rd teller showed up and man was he slow....anyways, I am just really thankful that my friend J was able to watch DD today!!
Then I went and printed out 3 chapters of my history book, have I ever mentioned how much I HATE e-books? I mean I like that they are free but I really like having a book better, so I have to print the e-books, well when chapter 1 is 34 pages I dont really feel like wasting my paper and ink either, so good thing the Readiness Center had computers and printers I can use for FREE!! So I was able to print 3 chapters today, I'm hoping I can get back there this week and print out more just so I have them. 
Then I FINALLY for to the post office to mail the ribbon wreath to D, and finding a box it fit in was interesting to say the least! I also had to mail Scentsy party supplies to my friend K in England. K wants to have a catalog party with her friends to try and earn free product [which who doesn't love free!]. I was actually surprised when the lady at the post office told me how to mail it to her cheaper. I have heard for a while now that the postal service has been hurting for money and they have even changed their hours [at least the one here on base did]. So for her to tell me I could save $8 was really nice. Then I came home J and DD and made myself a cup of hot chocolate on my new Keurig machine!! 
Well time to go get DD off the bed, I hear her playing with the blinds. Time for her to take a NAP! Then I'm going to watch some NCIS [love] and do some history homework [hate]

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  1. I want that machine sooooo bad!!!!! I <3 Scentsy!!!!!!

    Thank you for commenting on my Subway art! I just posted a video on how to do it yourself using picnik :) Happy Crafting!!!