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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a day....What a week!! and fill in Friday to boot

Remember a few weeks ago how I said I mostly posted while DH is deployed....well last Friday after I posted I got a phone call from the shop. I picked up and the guy on the other end said "Hi this is a friend of your DH's and he wanted me to drop a box off for you". Now DH had been saying he had gotten me something for my birthday and that he knew a guy that was going to be on the plane so I would get the box faster that way. So a little while after that phone call the doorbell rang, there was a guy there holding a paper over his face...it was DH!!! He surprised me! [well kinda] Last Thursday I looked at the bank account and there was $70 missing and the charges were listed as a military base in England. My hamster got on and wheel and I started thinking. There was one of two reasons [in my mind] that the debit card was in England. 1. it was stolen 2. he was being sneaky and was in England. So when I opened to door I started crying and gave him a big hug and a kiss then looked at him and said, hey next time don't spend $70 in England. It was a fantastic surprise even though I kind of knew. DD wasn't sure what to think but believe me she has been thrilled to have daddy back in her life.

So this past week has just been family time, since I didnt know DH was coming home, all the food was deployment food, basically freezer meals, single serving stuff or what ever I was craving while walking around the store. So we desperately needed to get to the store and get food, thank goodness it was payday! DH let me sleep in and I got up and had a normal morning/afternoon. I said I'm going to do a little homework but then we can go get groceries, I told him I didn't care if it was Walmart or the commissary, he loves apple butter and the commissary is the only place he can find the kind he likes so he picked commissary, not big deal. We packed up DD and got in the car. Well, I'm almost 19 weeks pregnant so I know I need to keep my water intake up. We were about 3 aisles into shopping and I started to feel light headed. I told DH I wasn't feeling good and I wanted to go buy a bottle of water. I walked up to the front, got a bottle of water out of the case and got in the express lane since the woman in that lane was almost finished, I just started feeling awful and remember thinking to myself once I check out I'm going to sit on the bench. I handed the guy my money and next thing I know I'm on the floor. I remember a gentlemen asking me if there was someone they could call I said my husband was in the store, but I don't remember hearing them call DH over the speaker, I also remember hearing someone say call 911. Then I heard DH come running up and he was at my side rubbing my arm and saying 'babe, babe are you ok what happened' so not only was he worried about me but he's trying to keep DD calm because she was in the cart still. Then 2 women walked over one said she was an EMT the other said she was a nurse, they asked me when the last time I ate was and if this had ever happened before. Then a police officer showed up and was asking me questions, then the firemen and the base EMTs showed up. One of the firemen even had on his shiny silver fire pants. They were asking me questions, the biggest question I was getting asked was if I hit my head, but the gentlemen who came to my side first just kept telling everyone, 'she sat down with control' now I dont remember but I believe the guy. So they let me sit on the floor for a little bit then asked if I was ok to stand up and walk. I informed them that I hadn't tried to get up but I was feeling ok. So they helped me up, I said I was ok to walk so they walked me out to the ambulance to give me some privacy. They took my vitals, they even checked my blood sugar. Now from the beginning I kept saying 'I'm pregnant, I'm about 5 months pregnant' I wanted everyone to know, me worry was about the baby not myself. DH and DD were standing outside the ambulance waiting to find out what they were doing with me. They said they would take me to the clinic to have me checked out, so DH met me at the clinic. They did vitals again and then the doctor came in asked me questions again [I was starting to feel like a broken record]. She said they would do a doppler and check the baby's heart beat. She asked where baby was normally. I pointed to the left side of my belly and said my last ultrasound  the head was here and the feet were here [then point to the right side] so she started to search for the baby, it was taking a long time, so I was starting to freak out. Then she found it but only for about 2 seconds, I wasn't sure what to think, she said maybe I need more goop [because that's the technical term ya know] again only found it for about 2 seconds. Then she decided that she should try lower. I cannot believe how low the baby is!!! Way, WAY lower then DD. Anyways after I was given the all clear DH drove me home and told me to go lay down he was going to take DD and get the groceries but he was only a phone call away if I needed him. He came home, put DD in her room, checked on me, unloaded the jeep, and he even made dinner!! My husband is amazing!! I'm so glad he was there today because I don't know if I would have been bale to handle everything as well as I did without him.

on a lighter note fill in Friday!
  1. A word that always makes me laugh is chotchkies
  2. If you looked in my refrigerator right now, the oldest thing you'd find would be  a month old lasagna [haha oops!]
  3. If I were written about in the newspaper today, on the front page, the headline say preggo passes out in Fairchild Commissary
  4. The last movie I saw was in theaters? pretty sure it was Harry potter but DD and I just watched Lion King today
  5. The best thing that happened to me in the last few weeks was DH coming home

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