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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deployment 2011 Part 2

Well folks he left. Stupid, stinking, high deployment rate. Our base has a really high deployment rate, as in it's really rare for people to be home more then 8 months, for people to stay home longer then that means there is normally something big going on in their lives. DH got home in June and is already gone, he was pretty much home long enough to get me pregnant (at least that how it feels). I have to say that this morning I was not expecting all the helpful offers I received when I took DH into work to catch the bus. More high ups then I can count said "If you need anything don't hesitate to call, actually if you don't call you'll be in trouble". Another said "If something goes wrong with your pregnancy we'll get him home, you have my word", I was floored! Really an offer to get him home if I truly need him? I mean this is his 4th deployment since we got married and his 5th over all, so I'm pretty use to dealing with the ins and outs of life without him (sucks but true). For them to tell me that made me feel even better about him leaving. I was borderline pre-eclampsia with DD and once you have had pre-e you are more likely to get it again, now I was 37 weeks with DD when they said I became borderline pre-e so in my mind that's pretty good. DH made it home in time for DD (only by 48 hours but home is home right?). I plan on talking to my doctor next week about my chances with pre-e and how worried about it I should be about it happening during this pregnancy. I plan on keep DH's shop as informed as I feel they need to be but knowing that if pre-e pops up again and it's REALLY bad or if there is some other emergency, I could have DH home with in a week (maybe less!). On a day that could have been totally awful, DH's higher ups really made me feel better. I was able to hang out with DH for 2 1/2 hours before he left, I took him to work. He said I could hang out in the "waiting room" until the bus showed up. When the bus got there I got all teary eyed thinking it would be the last time I got to see him in the flesh, smell his deodorant (when I'm not using it haha), touch him, feel him. Well then someone said "oh you can come to 2090" woo!  more hubby time! So I put DD in the jeep and drove down the street to the other building, there DH was given all his paperwork but we got more time and that's what really matters. One last kiss, one last hug, one last family moment until the new year.

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