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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthdays, Hormones and Deployments...OH MY!

my cookie cake
Well yesterday was my birthday, woo? Since DH is deployed it was just me, DD and the mutts (not very good company let me tell ya). I love my daughter, but she's 17 months old, she doesn't understand what birthdays are yet. All I wanted was to talk to DH, that's all I wanted, I don't think it's a huge request. He emailed me, it was so nice to wake up to an email that said "Happy Birthday Babydoll" I emailed him back with no response (not uncommon I know he's busy). All day I thought about getting to skype with him. I was so excited. Well he got on later then normal, and I found out that they were kicking him out of his room, well not only his room but the DORM! The National Guard is sending guys over and apparently the weekend warriors have to have rooms and the Active Duty guys are getting kicked into tents!! Don't get me wrong I know the National Guard is important but they don't work and deploy like my husband does. This is DH's second deployment of the year, he was already forced to move out of 1 room and now he got kicked into a tent....oh and to top it off he had to be out of the dorm no later then 7pm, well he woks at 6pm....so that meant we only got to talk for about 30mins because he had to go to bed early so he could get up early so he could move to a tent so the weekend whiners could have real rooms....I know it sounds like I'm being rude or whatever you think but when the Guard goes over there they only stay about a month. I know my hormones are making me cranky, I balled like a baby last night but it just sucks because they dont really get internet in the tents. DH spend over an hour trying to get online tonight, and it only stayed connected for 5 mins, I'm one unhappy preggo. 

What DD did to her room
Today DD PUSHED my buttons. She was playing in her room, like she does most days but today she decided that she would teach herself to climb up on the twin bed and then dump the 2 buckets of clothes that were on the twin bed. Now I know I need to take the buckets down stairs but I honesty didnt think she could get on the bed. the reason I went to to check on her was because I heard her playing with the blinds, that was the first hint that she was on the bed. I walked in and was not a happy mommy. I had to refold and repack all the clothes (which I then moved out of her room). Then I started picking up all the toys that she had thrown all over the floor. I also finally had enough energy to put the sheets back on the twin bed. That may sound really lame but that day bed is a pain! I had to lift the mattress and all that good stuff, well DD felt the need to help. I really though she was gonna get squished by the mattress because she just didn't want to get out of the way. Then I'd get 2 corners of the fitted sheet on and she'd start pulling the sheet off, really? Gee thanks DD. So finally got the bed made and DD crawled up there again, she thought the pillow was just so much fun to play with. Then she wanted to unfold the blanket that was folded at the end of the bed. Oh daughter, how you test me.

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  1. HI Katie!

    I love your blog. You little one is adorable. I love the mess in bedroom. It is amazing the mess they can make in such a short amount of time.

    I feel like I really want to clear something up, however. That is about the National Guard. While I understand they are "weekend warriors," my husband and brother have served overseas and these "weekend warriors" get deployed all of the time and end up doing the exact same thing that full time soldiers do.

    That comment just bothered me and I wanted to clear it up.

    I pray your deployment goes by quickly!