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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life keeps going

Well DH has been gone about 2 weeks give or take a few days....it feels like FOREVERRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I was really hoping this deployment would go fast, I'm hoping once the holidays start up time will fly. I'm excited for Halloween, I'm thinking about ordering DD a bucket with her name on it, that way she has it for when she's really into Halloween. My parents will be here and I'm sure they will want to take her out (since they will be here) but she'll just be 18 months at Halloween so she doesn't really need all that candy, and she really does walk yet, I mean she walks but when you hold her hand to walk you are pretty much dragging her around, so I'm not sure I want to deal with getting her in and out of the stroller every house or carrying her all over the place, I don't know we'll see, it also depends on how cold it is, I mean she's 1 ya know?

DD and J sitting on the kitchen floor
My friend J came over last night, it was a much needed night!! She hasn't lived in the city for a few months. I've missed her. Last time I saw her was back at the end of May. Anyways, she finally had time to hang out, between her 3 jobs. So I met her at the gate we drove on base and she said "I'm hungry" I said well I have munchies above the stove, she grabbed the bag of cheese puffs, well DD saw J grab the bag. Now DD had grab a pot while I was trying to organize my shoe box of a kitchen, I honestly don't even know where the pot came from. She was walking around with it then J sat on the floor, well DD took that as an invitation so sit on her lap. DD was sticking her little hands into the cheese puffs bag, so J put some in the pot, DD just though that was so cool. Well then I slid a box over to J and said anything in here you want. I signed up for a military wife girt exchange and got a bunch of bubble bath, and lotions and a ton of what I call "stinky, smelly stuff".  While I'm very thankful for the gift, being pregnant my nose isn't normal and my skin is all kinds of crazy so I figured I'd off it to J, well J saw the chocolates. So she wanted to eat those, ok fine we'll split the box, I dont need all of it anyways. Plus I don't like nuts in my chocolate anyways. So of course she opens the box with DD on her lap. What does DD want? The chocolate!! So J is trying to give her chocolate while she's eating cheese puffs, my mommy side kicks in and I decided she needed a real dinner. So I made her some raviolis, but she still ate cheese puffs out of her pot. It made her happy so I went with it. 

Well I can hear DD on the twin bed time to get her, and maybe an afternoon snack is in order, maybe some cheese puffs in a pot?

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