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Friday, September 16, 2011

Ready For Bed

So I got like nothing done today. I ran my dishwasher 4 times, you might think that's good but it was the same freaking load all 4 times because the stupid little soap tab wouldn't dissolve! I desperately need to do laundry, but DD didn't let me leave her side all day. I think she's realizing that daddy is gone and doesn't want mommy to leave too. DD is at an age where she knows but doesn't understand whats going on around her. She also cant verbalize what she is feeling, so yelling and screaming at me seems to be her way of dealing with everything. A girl was suppose to stop by and get a warmer today, I sat around all day waiting on her, I had places I wanted to get to...this freaking girl FORGOT about coming over, I wasting my whole day waiting on her only to find out she freaking forgot! Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to, should be interesting. Then after the shower I'm going to try and get to the craft store finally. I've been feeling crafty and need to scratch the itch so to speak.
I hardly got to talk to DH today (sad face) he said there was a briefing that didn't start on time so he got out of work way late. Although a few minuets of talking to him is better then nothing. Ok little picking up then off to bed so I can get up early and get a few things done before the baby shower...that girl better show up and get her warmer....

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