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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm back, Round 2

Well DH came home in June and I got really bad about using my blog.
So lets update:
DH is deploying AGAIN, yes AGAIN this year
DD is a little energy ball, she never stops moving! Thank God for naps because mommy need down time too!
I'm pregnant with #2! We are really excited, that is why DH deployed again, we wanted him home in plenty of time for baby #2.
I think that's all the big stuff that's happened so far, we are moving to a bigger house sometime when DH gets home from deployment and before the baby is born but the timeline for that is still fuzzy because we aren't sure of a come home date

I'll post again late tonight but DD is getting cranky, I think it's nap time, which means relaxing time for mommy!

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