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Friday, April 22, 2011

Date Night with BFF

Ok I have had the same BFF since I was 3!! I'm 23
She is busy with school and I'm busy living on the other side of the country and playing mommy
last night we went out to dinner and at dinner she mention that she wanted to see African Cats
I was excited! Not gonna lie, I'm not a documentary person, I don't like history, I don't like science (ok well I like Physic but thats basically math) but I REALLY liked African Cats
The lion mommies and the cheetah mom ahhh it was great!
There were sad parts and parts that mad me want to cry, but there were also cute parts!

DD was a little bit of a brat, she kinda embarrassed BFF a little bit, but hey she's almost 1 (ahh!) what else would you expect from her during a movie?


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