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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Oh Sunday, lazy day.
Spent last night at my in law's house.
TT (brother in law #1) had a TON of people over last night including his best friend spent the night too, I love TT's best friend! He came running to the door when I got there, then we hung out all night, even did a midnight food run!
I was going to sleep in my sister (in laws) room, but she and her fiancĂ© decided to spend the nigh too. So I got bumped to R's room (brother in law #2). His bed was STINKY! 
Anyways moving on to Sunday. My sister (in law) checked on me at about 10 to see what time I needed to be up to get back to my parents house, I told her I didnt have to leave until 11:30, she said ok and went to the kitchen. Next thing I hear is the smoke detector, then my sister (in law) screaming 'FIRE FIRE IT'S ON FIRE!' at that point I felt I should get out of bed. So I wake up and go to the bathroom, thats when DD decides to wake up and start crying ( joy ). So I go get her and walk downstairs to the kitchen, my sister (in law) says 'so I guess ya heard, don't worry if there was any real danger we would have grabbed DD' gee thanks sis. I didn't eat with my in laws because I was going to the Country Club Brunch Buffet! ( WOOT ). It was AMAZING! DD was a brat because she needed a nap, but it was worth it.

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