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Monday, April 4, 2011


I have been with my husband for almost 5 year and we have been married almost 3
I love him to Pluto and back [Pluto is a planet damn it]
but I want another baby, it hurts he say's our daughter needs too much attention
I know he think's she is the reason I haven't finished school and maybe thats the way it looks but the school (EWU) I was at before her I HATED. It was AWFUL, it was cold, unwelcoming and I was just failing because no one (the employees, teachers, and advisors) would help me. I found out I was pregnant in October 2009, in January 2010 I transfered to American Military University (an online school). For me, it was a WONDERFUL decision. I liked that it was there when I needed it to be, I didn't have to worry about doctors appointments around classes, I could nap when my body told me it was needed, it was a great decision for me. Well the EWU didn't transfer ANY of my credits so I wasted a whole year of my time (and not to mention money). My husband gets pissed that I'm not working and he feels that another baby would just add to the stress of our life, I don't think we have a stressful life, I think we have a goo life. We just paid off DH's car and we are using our tax return to pay off a credit card. Between the too we are freeing up almost $300 a month!! Diapers are only $55 a month. We can TOTALLY afford another baby.

He is also upset that I don't want to buy a house and move off base. I know he never wants to PCS (damn it) and with his job it's possibly we will never have the option too anyways-but that doesn't mean I want to 'put down roots' here. It's 3000 miles away from home and family. Plus he's DEPLOYED how can I look at houses without him? I could like something and it could be off the market buy the time he gets home and want different things, I can't look at, (let alone BUY) a house without him, really whats the point? Also how does he think we can afford a house when he's bitching about a 2nd baby? A baby cost less monthly then a house! You have the mortgage and the utilities and the insurance and property taxes and what if the water tank blows up? where are we gonna have the money to fix that?! I just don't think we have the finances to buy and own a house! We don't have a safety net if something major goes wrong. I've done the math, it's not in our favor. Debt to income should be 20% or less...we are at about 30% we have a lot of work to do before we are ready for a house.

I shouldn't be crying and stress at the end of a deployment phone call!
I should be happy that I got to hear his voice

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  1. found your blog by clicking on Friday Fill in links. I know this entry is a few weeks old. But just wanted to say stay strong and hugs. Hope this week is better emotion wise for ya.