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Friday, April 22, 2011

I feel like a bad person :(

Ok so I'm visiting family in PITTSBURGH
My friend J is watching the mutts
We had problems getting her a pass so she could come and go freely, well apparently getting a month long pass is a huge deal, they did a background check (which she passed) and they said everything was good they just had to call their boss to clear it. The boss said we had to talk to housing and it would take more then a week to get her a pass! How on earth does it take that long to print a freaking piece of paper?! She passed her background check and has gotten day passes several times. Anyways!
I got her a week pass and then my friend and neighbor were going to go back and get passes, great right? well my friend and her husband went to Texas for Easter so it was up to my neighbor for a while. Well my poor friend J has had a rough 2 weeks. Personal problems and car problems. I told her to use my Jeep to get home for Easter (she lives 2 hours away normally but lives with her grandparents most of the year), well she called me and was like 'umm your Jeep is dead' WHAT?! I feel awful because she is watching my dogs and stuck on base, my neighbor was sleeping so she didnt answer the door, and everyone else she knows on base is either at work, out of town or can't get to her. We texted and called everything we could think of. I feel like its my fault, she keeps apologizing to me and it's so not her fault. I just feel like I'm being a bad friend because I dumped my dogs on her (I mean she offered and I'm paying her but still). I feel like my Washington life is falling apart. DH keeps getting extended on top of it, I just want life to be easy, can I go back to kindergarten?

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