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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poor customer service

So I have the iPhone 4 (love it)
DD killed my phone case, she thought she'd be cute and chuck it at a wall...I didn't think it was cute. So I called my mom and asked if the Easter Bunny would put a new phone case in my Easter basket (yea I'm 23 and still get Easter baskets, be jealous). She told me that the Easter Bunny would just take me to the mall and pay for the one I want (sweet). So today my dad, DD and I went to the mall for a few reasons, 1 DH and I want to get our own phone plan (we are currently on my dad's) 2 to get a gift card for my brother and 3 to get me a phone case. So we went to AT&T to talk to them about getting our own plan (doable but my dad has to pay his part of the bill first) and I looked at cases, nothing jumped out at me. We left the AT&T store and about 1/2 way down the mall I realized I needed to get screen protectors (again DD killed the one on my phone). So we at that point we were closer to Verizon, now they have the iPhone 4 so I didn't think they would care (business is business right?) Well I walked in and they said they had them, while checking out the guy asked if i had my phone on me and I said it was in DD's stroller (which was with my dad at the front). He then asked for my phone number and I said oh I'm an AT&T customer, he said "well why should I sell you my product" REALLY?! RUDE!! How do you know I don't want to switch companies? Verizon  lost a lot of people because of the iPhone and are now getting people back, but really I'm giving you my money, and the screen protectors are cheaper at AT&T anyways!! So really go a head and be rude you never know when someone is going to change phone companies. I mean really the only reason DH and I have AT&T is because we are on my dad's plan, what if DH got home from deployment and said hey lets go get Verizon. Really it was just scream protectors

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