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Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy few days!!

Alright, so it's been like a week since I posted...oh boy! I know I have pictures to pose for 365 and that I need to play catch up but DH deployed recently and my mind has just been elsewhere. DD has decided that it's fun to scream at me...I can't help that daddy deployed, it's his job...but how do you tell a 9 month old that? She has gotten so motivated lately too. She wants to move and groove and be every where at once! Oh boy!! DH is deployment over yet?! DD is currently standing in her pack n play yelling at the recliner...why? I have no clue...oh and not to be TMI but she's pooping like 3 times a day...thats so not normal! (for the non-moms who follow me you will understand once you have kids haha it's a totally normal topic)

365 Project
(time to play catch up!)
January 14, 2011
Heinz was laying at the foot of our bed and then he heard a dog outside bark and bolted to the window...which meant he was laying on top of me!

January 15, 2011
Watching the Steelers vs Ravens
1 game between us and the Superbowl!!

January 16, 2011
Oh little girl! We went to Denny's and we gave her Gerber Churchies she got one stuck on her lips

January 17, 2011 
Last family dinner (so we thought) I made alfredo (from scratch) and bread sticks, DD was in heaven when we gave her a bread stick

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