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Monday, January 10, 2011

What a day and it's only 2:30

Let see... I woke up at 4am with DD, couldn't fall back been up even since. I was a nice wife and laid out DH's uniform for him (wasn't that nice of me!?). I took him to an office to get some gear checked (where I sat in the car) and then I took him to the shooting range, as I'm getting ready to leave he says "hey will you take my new uniforms to get my stripes sewn on?" so being a nice wife I say sure. Well I get there and I tell them that we  need them to sew name tapes. The woman says "oh we don't make them any more you have to order them from military clothing" umm since when? and they defiantly didn't inform the camo kids they weren't doing it any more because I wouldn't have been there asking for them. Then an older lady walks out of the back room and says "oh they are suppose to give them to him or I can go to a little shop off base and the women there will make them" So I texted DH that I needed to talk to him asap so he cells me I tell him and he get's pissed like it's my fault that they won't make him name tapes. Don't be cranky with me! I didn't do it. I told you last week to go talk to them, I can't help that now you might not have your new uniforms in time for deployment. I have my own life going on. DD had a doctors appointment, where the doctor had to dig wax out of her ear...AGAIN! (they've had to do it every check up) So DD was screaming because I'm sure that doesn't feel good. So now I have a cranky DH and a cranky DD at least DD will get over it by the time she wakes up from her nap. I'm just enjoy the chick flicks I rented (Killers and The Back Up Plan) and vegging and trying to relax. At least until I have to go pick up cranky pants....

365 Project
January 10, 2011
DD at the doctors office, she loves playing with my sunglasses.
So she was in heaven...at least until until the doctor came in anyways...

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