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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tylenol PM? Yes please!

So I've been sleeping like CRAP!
I blam my husband. I want to stay up an talk to him.  So while I'm waiting for Tylenol PM to kick in I figured I'd blog. My husband's dog drives me nuts! She was sitting under the recliner and when I went to get up she didn't move...well duh you dumb dog you're gonna get smooshed under it if you dont move! Oh and she's crazy whiny! Today the neighborhood dogs were all wound up (my neighbor told me later it was because a dog got out of it's yard). So when my dogs are inside they hear the dogs outside and whine at the back door...well I have no problems with my dogs playing outside but it's rained the last 2 days, well I've seen swamps drier than my backyard! So I have been a mean mommy and made them stay inside most of the day.

Last night I got really bored (since I haven't been sleeping well, 3am and I are becoming great friends) I ordered Netflix! I'm in love! DH and I are huge fans of Bill Engvall. Well for a while now I have been trying to buy some of his DVDs (I've just been too lazy to order them online to be honest). Well Netflix has some of his stuff on instant play! I am not afraid to admit that I also watched The Swan Princess, I for got how much I love that movie. There are so many movie that I am finding that I forgot about! Also DH can watch stuff on his laptop because it plays instantly! Hopefully it will make his deployment a little more fun.

365 Project
January 24, 2011

Happy baby in the bath. She LOVES bath time

January 25, 2011
Not happy baby. She was not enjoying her new play pen (or baby jail as I lovingly refer to it)

January 26, 2011

Scrambled eggs for dinner! Look at her using her spork! She is getting way to big!

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