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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Day

Well DD and I slept in again today. I think she's growing. while she has always been a good sleeper its not normal for her to sleep past noon. But today she started her "hay mom come get me" scream. Which today was way more high pitched than normal but she was just being a silly pants. So we got up watched The Talk, I'm not in love with that show on CBS, she ate breakfast, had a bottle and played for a while then was ready for a nap. It's a snowy day which my dogs are LOVING!! My ding dong dogs are snow monsters. They try and eat it all, they would stay out there all day if I let them!! Here's my backyard.

365 Project
January 5, 2011


  1. I am so jealous! I really want it to snow here!

  2. I've always loved snow, I use to go snow boarding in high school, DH wants to learn but we just dont have the time or money, DH deploys every winter =[

  3. That is the same as us. I grew up skiing with my family every winter, and the s/o has never tried it, and wants to learn, but it is expensive and we can never get the time off. Oh well, I guess we can always do it when we are old, right? lol