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Sunday, January 9, 2011

your immaturity is showing

Really are you that immature? when I state FACTS you delete my comments because you don't agree with me!! I'm sorry that your football team SUCKS I'm sorry that my team EARNED their spot in the playoffs!! Everyone I know Steelers fan, Seahawk fan, Raiders fan...whatever agrees that a team with a loosing season shouldn't be allowed in the playoffs!! The Seahawks had a 7-9 LOOSING season! thats 7/16! thats 43.75%....YOU ARE FAILING!! anywhere else in the world that would kick you out but no because the other teams in the division suck even more the flipping Seaturkeys get in to the playoffs and some how win their first game! The Steelers have a 12-4 season thats 12/16 games won!! thats 75% thats almost double your record Seattle! and thats with the refs hating on my team!! Penalty after penalty after penalty....and fine after fine after fine...we EARNED our spot! So when I make a comment saying that the Steelers EARNED their spot and the Seahoes didn't don't delete it...be a man and live with the facts! and don't say my team sucks! 6 Super Bowl rings disagree with you...oh wait one of those rings was earned when you ate turf Seattle!! and you are all still butt hurt about it! GET OVER IT MOVE ON! you can't change the past, so go to Home Depot, get some wood, nails, tools...whatever...and build a damn bridge and GET OVER IT! and if you refuse to grow up than fill out this form

on a brighter note
365 Project
January 8,2011
lots of laundry was done yesterday!


  1. LOL, Yay! I love the butthurt report form :) Seriously though, someone deleted your comment because they disagreed with your opinion? LAME!

  2. yea!! and its wasn't even really an opinion, it was mostly fact. I stated their record vs. our record, and they deleted my comment!! like really?!