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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lazy day

Yet again I'm posting a day late, oh well! What a lazy day we had yesterday. DD and I slept in, it was wonderful!! I put laundry away, watched TV, played on computer. Just a lazy day. I found DD trying to roll over in her swing during her nap, it was comical. DH and I went to the mall last night to return a pot. I got some new slippers! DH also let me get NCIS season 5 and Parenthood season 1 on DVD (they were both 40% off!! I spent $52.15 on 2 TV seasons...talk about a deal!! Normally thats what 1 season costs!! I was a savvy shopper!! DH also got Pictionary Man. We've been trying to play more games and watch less TV spend time as a family and such. 

365 Project
January 4, 2011


  1. Wow, what a good deal on the shows! I am totally addicted to buying tv shows. It's so much easier to watch them all in a row, instead of having to wait each week for a new episode.

  2. YES!! Especially when my DH deploys I'll just pop in my shows and let them run all day with out him whining!! haha

  3. Yep, I do the same thing :) I hate deployment, but it is kind of nice to not have to stop watching my show when someone comes home and wants to play a video game. lol